Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hey there,
all my blog readers.

i'm created a new blog.
because got people keep on spam my cbox.

so, i created a new blog and i make it into private.
so if you want to read my blog.

just write your e-mail address at this blog de cbox.
and of course write down ur name.
cause i only invite the people i know.

i scared got people simply spam again. paiseh.
just write your name and e-mail address there then i will invite you.
after i invite, i will inform you.

and reminder, the e-mail address is like:

and is not

and it must be your e-mail address that you use to sign in ur blog.

this is the new blog link.
so remember to relink(=

i'm so sorry for the inconvenience.

p/s: i'm not goin to update this blog anymore.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

*my day 2.6.09*

the wallet the dear bought for me

today went to school in the early morning.
i think around 7am.
cause today got lion dance practice.

before our practice, dear asked me to take a pink colour plastic bag from his bag.
and inside is a purse.

i love the purse so much.
it is so nice and so cute.
thank you my dear.

after practice, we go some secret place and so some secret things.
hahahaha. pai seh neh.
after that we went to ipoh chicken rice shop and eat our lunch.

after that i took taxi home.
and my dear took bus home.
taaaaataaaaaa. haha.

i will delete my cbox soon.
cause got some bastard always spam my cbox.
so those who want to write comment give me.
can write at my blog de comment.

Monday, June 1, 2009


although we all already not as friend as last time.
or should i say we are not best friends anymore.
but we all are still friends mar.

is ok de la.
cause at least we all are not enemy mar.
so now we all are still friends kay?

when we all see dou each other we all still will say hi rite?
actually not i dont like to be with you all.
but maybe we all didnt talk for long time already.

so now we all got less topic to chat already.
or even we didnt have any topic.
but we really not as close as last time anymore.

but actually still got one reason that we cant be best friends.
and the reason is a secret.
now i still appreciate you all as my friend.

actually when i'm together with you all i will still feel happy.

p/s: please dont be angry.

really damn funny la.

xiu sei ngor la.


sei daib=P

Sunday, May 31, 2009

for you, my dear

you are the one who talk to me fiercely one first ok?
i'm not the one who want to argue.
i said sorry even i dont feel that i did anything wrong.
but you still want to talk to me until so mm song.
so? tell me what i did?
why you always want to say until i'm the one who want to argue first.
you are the one who change!!!
last time i asked you to wait, you will wait for me.
but today? ask you to wait. you scold me?
i angry is not because of you did not accompany me.
is because you make me feel that you're having bad mood.
and you scold me cause of no reason.
you will make me feel that you dont love me or need me anymore ok?
and i want to tell you that "i'm sorry if i did anything wrong"
i really dunno what i want to say now.
i'm not angry now but i'm just sad.
dont ask me why anymore. cause you should know why i'm angry.

no matter what happen i still love you so much.
still got 2 days to go =P

Friday, May 29, 2009

*my day 29.5.09*

having exam this few days and EXAM ARE DRIVIN ME CRAZY.
today chinese paper was so damn difficult.
i really dont know what should i write.
and what i did? I CRIED.
and i think that time my dear was shock. Am i right, dear? haha.

after school then went for lion dance practice.
and you know what?
my dear scold me cause of some reason. *dont want to mention it here*
some more he told me that he did not scold me. *macam yes la you. blek=P*

but i'm not so small gas de.
so i just angry for awhile. hahaha.
after practice, i angry him again cause of some misunderstand.
*i'm sorry dear, please dont angry me kay? darling sek fan la. mwahhh"

tomorrow i'm not goin for practice.
cause i have to stay at home.
i pnly can choose either weekend or weekdays to go for practice.
so i choose weekdays.

having holidays for 2 weeks.
anyone dont want holidays?
haha. and i'm the first one.
because holiday, I CANT SEE MY DEAR )=.

but i think next saturday i'm hanging out with him.
weehee(= *wide smile*
and i want to watch movie with my dear.
and this time really have to find one movie that we really love it kay? XD
dear, promise me kay?

and this 2 weeks i think i only will study for my BM and chinese.
cause this is the 2 subjects that i can only score.
and i will watch all the cd's that dear and Janice borrowed to me.
hahahaha. i think i will enjoy my holiday. *i mean I THINK*

i love you my dear.
i'm missing you badly now.
you are my soul mate.

i love you deeply.
i miss you badly.
i need you madly.

you are my only one.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my dear, just dont be sad and dont think too much. everything will be fine ok?
you promised me that you wont think too much anymore.
so, dont break your promise.
i knew how the feel is, because i try it before last time.
all i can say is just dont think too much.
i'm sorry that i cant help you when you need my help.
because i really dont know what can i do?
i'm sorry for that, i'm sorry that you have a such useless girl friend.
all you can do is live happily and dont care about them.
you forget what you told me?
no family, no friends, BUT STILL GOT ME.
is same to you also.
and i would like to tell you that "no family, no friends, but still got me".
just be happy always ok?
this is the real Chan Wai Leong, live happily and wont think so much.
just remember what i told you.

p/s: i love you deeply in my heart, i miss you badly and i need you every second.